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Stream it. Record it. Keep it. Radio Recorder knows how to Listen, Record, Find Streams, and Create Your Own Media Libraries and easily synchronize them with your playlists and recordings at Mac/iPhone/iPod/iPad. Play and download internet radio stations with 1 Click!


♬ ♬ ♬ FEATURES ♬ ♬ ♬


♬ Radio Recorder comes with 22,000 stations in full version and 20 most popular in free version. In full version you can add any specific station or provide us with a radio station website and we will include it into database for you.

♬ All these web stations are categorized and easily searchable and recordable.

♬ Record your favorite streams via Wi-Fi or Cellular internet connection. Once recorded, you can play your show back whenever you want.

♬ Use option to split downloaded music or save the whole streaming as one track.

♬ Radio Recorder automatically strips music from internet radio station streams and saves it into separate tracks tagged with Title and Artist.

♬ Just Drag and Drop to import all your music to Radio Recorder via iTunes Shared Documents (comes in 1.0.5 version)

♬ Synchronize wirelessly via WiFi all your Playlists and Recordings at your iPhone with Radio Recorder at Mac, iPod, and iPad!

♬ All media formats supported - pls, asx, m3u, ogg, mp3, aac.

♬ Keep full control over recordings – add to Playlists or remove portions of audio with ease.

♬ Use easy selection tool - Select Range or Select One by One option 

♬ Search for a specific radio station or search all tracks by a certain artist or by song's name with the powerful search engine.

♬ Skip over the ads and trim DJ chatter and other extraneous elements from the fronts and backs of songs by deleting short duration files.


With internet radio becoming more mainstream everyday, we have developed special solution to make it easy for you to listen to your favorite radio. Radio Recorder is certainly enough application to get anything you want done when it comes to recording or listening to Internet radio and podcasts.


If you have questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact us via email or skype at goodmoodsoft

Radio Recorder FREE
Radio Recorder FREE
Radio Recorder FREE
Radio Recorder FREE
Radio Recorder FREE