Radio Recorder iOS version, User Manual

Radio Recorder is a program that plays online radio stations and records their music to tracks. With over 33,000 free web radio stations out there, you can listen to music of almost any genre and flavor while recording it to your iPhone/iPod/iPad. Later you can transfer recorded songs to other devices like Mac, iPhone/iPod/iPad or even PC.

Stations tab

Recordings Tab

Scheduler Tab

Now Playing view

Playlists tab; adding songs from other devices

Synchronization between all iDevices; transferring recorded tracks to Mac; Browser access tab

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Stations tab

Radio Recorder allows you to find web radio stations (also known as podcasts) that suit your musical taste from among over 33,000 radio stations currently available on our database. We are constantly updating this list, so if you find your favorite web station that isn't currently listed here, add this station at your own or write us at

The Stations tab displays all available radio stations classified in 25 genres. Tap on a genre and review stations that broadcast music of this particular genre.

In either case, you can search and type the keyword. The search looks for the keyword through all categories and display results which contains a keyword in a web station name, its website, description or radio station's keywords. Note, that temporary inactive stations (frozen) are marked in grey, but in some cases you may succeed to launch it as well.

Adding a new radio station

To add a new radio station, simply tap on a Plus button on the top left corner on Stations tab. Then insert audio streaming URL (not to be confused with the station website) into Open Streaming URL window.

Radio station website usually includes a playlist file with the extensions PLS, M3U, MP3, OGG, or AAC. This link is called Play in Winamp, Play in iTunes, MP3 Live, Tune In, etc. You need to copy this url and paste it into Open Streaming URL window. If you do not succeed to find the streaming url, please email us at and indicate the station's name and its website if possible. We will include the required web station to the station list.

After the station has been added, it starts playing automatically and you can see this station on the Now Playing View. If you want to add the station to a playlist for further fast access, simply click on the heart button.

Recordings Tab

All tracks recorded from the internet radio are displayed on Recordings Tab. They are sorted by date recorded. We plan to add additional sorting options in next versions.

Note, some radio stations (mostly news or talk) do not provide metadata. If such occurs, the whole streaming will be saved as one track and named by radio station name and date recorded. You may also need to switch off the stream splitting into songs. For this launch → scroll down to Radio Rec and tap on it → deselect option Split Audio by Tracks.

Sometimes the songs' splitting for some radio stations are not very precise. And you can hear the cut at the beginning of the end of the song. In this case we would recommend you to switch on option Crossfade song. For this launch → scroll down to Radio Rec and tap on it → set option Crossfade Songs.

Deleting a Recording

While on the Recordings Tab, swipe your finger across the recording title, and tap the red 'Delete' button that appears or tap Edit and delete tracks.

Scheduler Tab

On Scheduler Tab you can set up a scheduler to time-shift recordings. This feature allows to download 5 stations simultaneously. All these scheduled recordings appear in Recordings Tab.

Tap on Scheduler Tab → press Plus on the top left corner to add a new scheduling → tap on a plus button to the right of Title to add a streaming url → select station from Stations or Playlists Tab → name your new scheduling → set up Start Date, Duration and Repeat.

Note, Radio Recorder must be running in the foreground to scheduler to work.

Note, scheduling many stations simultaneously requires much free space and strong iPhone/iPad/iPod characteristics.

Now Playing view

All information about a track or a web station which is now being played is displayed on the Now Playing view. From here you can

(1) play/pause a track or a station,
(2) play forward/backward a track,
(3) check web station information, i.e., radio station name, its bit-rate, artist and song info;
(4) add a radio station or a track to a playlist by clicking on the heart button.
(5) start or stop recording a radio station. For this simply tap on a red button next to the heart. A red sign Rec means you are recording now played radio, and vice versa, you are not recording a radio station, if there's no red Rec sign.
(6) change the order in which the items within a playlist are being played. For this, tap on Play all, Shuffle or Play one buttons on the very bottom of Now Playing view. Switched-on Shuffle mode makes items in the playlist, Recordings Tab, or search result to be played in a random order. You can also choose to play these items repeatedly. When you turn on Repeat mode, all items will be played once and then begin playing again. To play only one track repeatedly, simply press the most right button, marked with the "1" inside. Note, play all, shuffle and repeat modes applies to search results as well.

Playlists tab and adding songs from other devices to Radio Recorder on your iPhone

Radio Recorder is not only powerful radio translator, but is also useful if you want a media player that can organize your ever-growing music library. Playlists are a great way to group items that you like to listen to frequently. It could include both tracks and radio stations.

Tap on the Playlist Tab, and then on the Plus button on the top left corner to create a new playlist. After naming the new playlist you will be redirected to "Adding items to 'Your Playlist'" mode. From here

(1) you can add stations from the Stations Tab. For this tap on the Stations tab, select stations, and then click Done on the top right corner. If you need to select several stations in a row, tap on the first, hold down until dialog window appears, select option Select Range, and tap on the last item. All stations between the first and the last items will be selected.

(2) you can add tracks from the Recordings Tab. Tap on the Recordings Tab, select all the required tracks and press Done on the top right corner. If you need to select several tracks, tap on the first track, hold down until dialog window appears, select option Select Range, and tap on the last track. All tracks between the first and the last items will be selected.

(3) You can add both tracks and stations from the other already existing playlists. Tap on the Playlist Tab, open required playlist, select items and press on the Done button on the top right corner.

(4) You can add new tracks and stations from another iPhone/iPod/iPad or Mac on the Devices Tab. In order to download music from other iDevices, you need to install Radio Recorder on them as well. Install Radio Recorder on other device, tap on Devices Tab on your iPhone/iPod/iPad, tap on the required device in the list, select recordings or items from the playlists, which you would like to add to the Playlist on your iPhone/iPod/iPad, press Done on the top right corner.

Note, Radio Recorder on other devices must be running, and the screenshot should not be locked. Your iPhone/iPod/iPad and other iDevice must be in the same wi-fi network.

Please see below the links where you can download Radio Recorder for Mac and iPhone/iPod/iPad.


1) Demo mac version can be found here Recorder/Radio Recorder Demo.dmg

2) Full mac version can be found here


1) free iOS version can be found here

2) full iOS version can be found here

If you can not see the other iDevice on the Devices tab, you need to ensure that (1) Radio Recorder has been installed on both devices, (2) Radio Recorder is running on both devices, (3) the screen is not locked, (4) and both devices work in the same wi-fi network. Please see the instructions in the pictures below. If you do not succeed to fix the problem, please email us at

(5) You can add tracks from iTunes Documents folder. Connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod via cord to Mac/PC, launch iTunes, on your computer from the left Panel on DEVICES select your iPhone/iPod/iPad, go to Apps on the top horizontal menu → scroll down to File Sharing → select Radio Rec from the Apps → drag and drop tracks from your computer into the left panel Radio Rec Documents → these files will appear on Documents tab on your iPhone/iPod/iPad → Select tracks → press Done on the top right corner of the screen.

(6) You can add as many tracks and stations as you want from all tabs (Stations, Recordings, Playlists, Devices, Documents) into your new Playlist. Select all required items on each tab → tap on the Done button on the top right corner.

If you are having trouble finding the Devices tab, keep in mind that it will only be visible when you add new items to a playlist.

Deleting and renaming a playlist

While on the Playlists Tab, swipe your finger across the title, and tap the red 'Delete' button that appears.

If you need to rename a playlist, you need to create a new playlist, name it, add all items from a previous playlist, afterwards you can delete the old playlist.

Synchronization between iDevices, transferring recorded tracks to Mac, Browser access tab

In order to download all your tracks to Mac, and then transfer them to any other locations, you need to folloow the below steps:

1. Download free version of Radio Recorder for Mac here Recorder/Radio Recorder Demo.dmg

2. Launch both Radio Recorder apps at your iPad and Mac.

3. On your Mac create a Playlist by clicking on a plus button which is on the bottom left corner, and name a playlist.

4. On the left panel of Radio Recorder for Mac you will see Devices Section with all your Recordings and Playlists which are available on your iPhone/iPod/iPad. Note, your iPhone/iPod/iPad must be unlock and Radio Recorder must be running.

5. Select tracks and add them to the created playlist. You can use drag and drop or do it via contextual menu.

6. Afterwards, you can rename or export all your music from Radio Recorder on Mac to other locations by using Export function from contextual menu or simply drag and drop files from Radio Recorder into other places.

Browser Access Tab

To transfer music from your iPhone/iPod/iPad to Mac/PC, you can use Browser access option. For this launch any browser on your PC/Mac → on your iPhone/iPod/iPad tap on the tab Browser Access → on your computer type the unique URL from the tab Browser Access into the address field of the browser → download from the browser the required tracks to your computer.

Please note that Radio Recorder must be running with the unlock screen on your iPhone/iPod/iPad and both devices - Mac/PC and iPhone/iPod/iPad must be in the same wi-fi network.

Preferences in

You can adjust some settings of Radio Recorder in Launch → Scroll down to Radio Rec and tap it → switch on/off options Save Played Radio (you can also switch on/off this option from Now Playing View by clicking on the red button), Split Audio by Tracks, Crossfade Songs.

Other general questions

Install Radio Recorder on iOS
Tap the blue App Store icon on your device. Then, search for Radio Recorder and swipe to find app Radio Recorder. Tap Install.

A radio station does not play
The problem may appear due to unstable internet connection, the lack of free space on your iDevice, or the radio station may be temporary unavailable.

Running Radio Recorder in the background:
While Radio Recorder is playing, you can click the Home button and select another app. Radio Recorder will continue to play music in the background. Note, if the scheduler is active, do not switch to background.

Pausing the music or skipping a song while Radio Recorder is running in the background:
Double-click the Home button, and a list of apps running in the background will appear along the bottom edge of the screen. Swipe to the left, and you will see the iOS audio controls, along with the Radio Recorder icon.

Version of Radio Recorder
The latest version information can be found on (scroll down and tap on Radio Rec). The latest version on the AppStore could be checked at:

I’ve already paid for Radio Recorder, but have lost it. How do I download it again for free?
You can download it again using the App Store app. This will be a free download as long as you use the same iTunes account used to purchase it originally.

What can I do if Radio Recorder is buffering a lot?
You may experience frequent buffering if your network connection doesn’t have enough capacity for your station’s stream. Try to see if lower bitrates are available. Go to Stations Tab and search for your web station. There're usually several streamings in different formats of the same station.

Why does Radio Recorder not connect to the station I selected?
The station you are trying to access is not available on your iOS device because it is currently inactive. Occasionally a station may become unavailable at the broadcaster's request, due to geographical restrictions, or otherwise. In most cases, you can search for additional streamings of this station in the Stations Tab. Temporary unavailable stations are marked in grey.

How do I record?
By default settings Radio Recorder records currently played music. To start recording, go to Stations Tab and launch any radio station. The tracks will be stored in Recordings Tab. To switch off the recording, tap on the red button on the Now Playing view. Afterwards, a red sign Rec disappears.

Why currently played music is not saved to Recordings?
By default all played music are automatically being saved to Recordings. If the streaming of the web radio is not saved (has not appeared in the Recordings Tab), go to Now Playing View and tap on a red button. A red sign Rec must appear. You can also go to iPhone, choose Radio Recorder icon and switch on the option "Save Played Radio").

Can I record one station and listen to another one at the same time?
Yes, you can record one station and listen to another. Tap on Scheduler Tab and set up a station to be downloaded, and at the meantime launch any station from the Stations Tab.

Can I record a station without it playing on my device?
Tap on Scheduler Tab and set up a station to be downloaded.

Contact information

While we have done our best to ensure that Radio Recorder is free of bugs and user friendly, there’s still much to improve within Radio Recorder. Please email us all your ideas, suggestions, concerns and questions at, or skype ID: goodmoodsoft

Consider it could take up to 24 hours to receive reply. If you haven't received our reply within 24 hours, check your spam folder (this applies especially to Gmail users), and if it's empty resend your request once again at