Owl's Wisdom: Pictorial En-De Proverbs
With these beneficial tools for teaching and learning you will be able to illustrate your opinion in brighter and more comprehensive way. The 230 most popular proverbs in English and their analogs in German are collected in our application Owl’s Wisdom. Each proverb is sounded in English and German, and has funny picture that emphasizes its gist. We picked up only brief, concrete, and pithy proverbs.
Have fun! Enjoy! … And learn from all these little bits and pieces of wisdom! 
Radio Recorder
Listen, Schedule and Record
Now it’s possible to download nearly 4,800 songs in a 24-hour period from any of 33,000 Internet radio stations worldwide. Radio Recorder - All internet Music At Your Fingertips!
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En-Ru Speak It Up

With only 25-20 minutes a day you will be able to improve your Russian in a short time.

*** Innovative Flashcard System  *** Revolutionary Memory Booster allows to memorize all learnt words very quickly  *** Words and sentences on high quality MP3s (Native speakers from Russia & USA)  *** Suitable for all levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced
You won’t understand Russian until you learn it more than one way


En-Fr Speak It Up

  *** You will be able to use the most common 2,500 words and phrases already in several weeks. These 2,500 words and phrases represent the majority of written words used in French/English   *** Our hand-picked vocabulary is the cornerstone of every language. It will allow you to communicate with all English and French speaking world   *** New foreign words become more and more familiar to you in a very short time   *** You will feel and improve your language sense   *** You will greatly improve your own pronunciation and will be able to easily recognize spoken foreign language.

With Speak It Up you learn language all the time you spend behind the computer  


Get Your Hot Money for MAC


A super intellectual board game! Now it is available for your Mac! More than 50K players over the world! Join the Hot Millionaires eager players and gain top position in the International Winner’s List!
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Flag It


Do you have enough knowledge to be successful?
Flag It is an innovative memorizing game where you can easily learn all word capitals and flags while stretching your brain to the limit. The app is extremely easy to use, which makes it a great choice for kids and adults alike.
The more exercise the brain gets, the better it is at processing information.


Brick Wall

We launched the best childhood game for you!

One of the motivations of Brick Wall is simplicity. It does not have many fancy features but the blocks are big enough and easy to control so player can feel comfortable.

BBC Radio Downloader

For the first time, you will be able to download top quality BBC radio programmes in full to your Mac regardless of where in the world you are, sync them with other iDevices and keep them to enjoy forever.

Universal Audio Converter

Universal Audio Converter is your easiest and the most convenient tool for audio conversion.
It converts ANY of your audio file/folder into ANY other audio format in TWO clicks. Just drag&drop and confirm. There are additional settings, such as audio codec, audio bitrate, number of channels, audio sample rate for more experienced users.

What's hot?

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This week we are launching  BBC Radio Shows Downloader app. This means for the first time, you will be able to download top quality BBC radio programmes in full to your Mac regardless of where in the world you are,  and keep them to enjoy forever.

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